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Outline of Deed Restrictions

  1. Architectural/Design Review Committee

There will be an Architectural/Design Review Committee (ARC) established to review and approve house elevation, design, lot placement setbacks and compliance with SteepleChase Deed restrictions. The ARC will initially be comprised of the developer and one outside consultant hired by the developer. The ARC will transition to the SteepleChase homeowners as they are established. The requirement of the outside consultant will remain upon the transition.

  1. House Design

Acceptable styles include Classic Architecture, Traditional, Mediterranean and Southern Classic w/ contemporary styling, all elevation to be reviewed and approved by the ARC.  (NO to International Revival, Miesian, Art Modern, Art Deco, or Post Modern, no log homes)

  1. Square Footage: 3500 sq. ft. Under roof, Air Conditioned, 7,000 max on ground level.  The ‘Pool Area’ is to be considered a separate area and not to exceed 6,000 sf.

  2. Ceiling Heights: Minimum of 10’8" in living areas and 9’4" in bedrooms Interior Doors: Must be at least 8’ doors

  3. Roof Pitch: Minimum of 5’12’ to a maximum of 8’12’

  4. Exterior Colors: Establish Exterior Guidelines (Pale/muted, light not bright colors)

  5. Exterior finishes: Concrete block construction: stone, stucco, hardy board siding, or masonry product such as brick.

  6. Decorative Trim: All trim must be compatible with house style.  All windows on the front and sides of the house must have a trim-like finish.  Trim will be constructed with stucco, stone, wood-like products.  If wood is to be used it must have evidence of durability from the manufacturer.

  7. Roof: Tile, Slate or 30 + year dimensional shingle.

  1. Garages

3 Car required; Motor-Court entry or Side load - Dependant on property size and house location (ranch), Portico Acceptable.

  1. Pools

The size and type specifications will be determined.  (No above ground, etc.  The foregoing does not apply to outdoor spas and hot tubs included with a deck or patio and which are screened from view from adjacent homes and installed with the prior approval of the ARC.)  Screen enclosures must be uniform in color and material.  If there is no screen enclosure, the pool must be fenced with community approved fencing.  Landscaping must be incorporated to help modulate and soften the overall appearance of any screened enclosure and/or fencing.

  1. Driveways & Street Lighting

Driveways must be finished and are required to be constructed of concrete, pavers or a combination of both.

Minimum of 6 lights at driveway entrance may be a combination of lanterns and up lighting.

Entrance structures permitted, upon approval.

 * Developer may require the purchase of one designated style of streetlight, not to exceed 12 feet.  Hillsborough County/Keystone will not permit the developer to install streetlights within the community.  This requirement would allow the community to have at least one uniform streetlight per lot through out the development.

  1. Property & House Setbacks

The Front setback will stagger 25 feet from either neighbor.  The Rear setback will be 75 to 150 ft from the rear lot line.  On the lake front lots the house, pool or garage structure cannot impede the view of a neighboring lot.  The ARC will determine if there is a disagreement.

  1. Fencing

Fencing styles permitted: Black alum, other may be reviewed.

Fencing may be combined with approved Brick or Stone decorative posts.

Fencing permitted on the Lake at 35 ft setback.  Fencing may be used in the front and along the sides of lots.

  1. Landscaping

Lot Improvements are the responsibility of the owner.  Citrus trees may be kept, but must be maintained.

Budget to be established per cost of house (2%) for plants and shrubs, plus sod.

  1. Mailboxes & Signs

Mailboxes shall be predetermined by the developer to maintain a standardized appearance to the community.  Each owner will be provided with purchase information & required to install their mailbox in accordance with Postal Service requirements upon occupancy.

All signage will be selected and installed by the developer.  The signage will correspond with the style, material and durability of the mailbox selection.  Both will be of upscale design and of high quality materials.

  1.  Nuisances

No portion of the property shall be used in whole or in part, for the storage of any property or thing that will cause it to appear to be in an unclean or untidy condition or that will be obnoxious to the eye; nor shall any substance, thing, or material be kept upon any portion of the Property that will emit foul or obnoxious odors or that will cause any noise or other condition that will or might disturb the peace, quiet, safety, comfort, or serenity of the occupants of surrounding property.

  1.  Lakes

All of the lakes will be considered "quiet" lakes.  The use of motorized boats or vehicles is prohibited.  Canoes, rowboats and paddleboats are permitted.

There will be no public or general community access to the lakes.

  1. Docks

Docks are permitted for relaxation purposes only.  Boathouses are not permitted.  However, a screened gazebo may be an option if it does not impede view of others.  Dock length to be determined & the restriction will be dependant on the size of lake.

  1.  Animals

An owner may not keep, raise, or breed any animals, livestock, or poultry in or on any of the property except that customary household pets such as dogs, cats, pet birds, and fish may be kept subject to provisions herein.  Only a combination of our dogs and/or cats shall be kept in a Residential Unit.  Owners of cats and dogs shall be required to remove excrements of such pets form the property, including, but not limited to, lawns walks, driveways, and parking areas.  Owner of a cat or dog shall be required to keep on the same on a leach at all times unless kept in an enclosed area.  Horses: two horses are permitted on lots 9, 10, 17, 64, 65, 66, 67 and those lots that access from Rainbow Terrace.

  1.  Barns

Barns that are constructed on the previously mentioned lots may be a maximum of three stalls and must maintain the architectural style of the home.  All barns will be reviewed and approved by the ARC to retain the architectural integrity of the development.  Any owner that constructs a barn must also install fencing to contain the horses.  The acceptable fencing will be determined.

  1.  Temporary & Accessory Structures

No accessory structure, such as any type of free standing structure of a temporary character, trailer, tent shack, barn, shed or other outbuilding shall not be permitted at any time.  Must meet architectural standards of house and pass design review committee.

Satellite Dishes and Antennas: 18-24" dishes, not placed on front of house.  The ARC prior to installation must review these items.

  1.  Service Yards

Garbage Receptacles, Fuel Tanks, Gas & Electric Meters, AC, Solar Hot Water and Pool Equipment that are stored outside must be placed in such a way to conceal them from view from roads and adjacent properties.  Solar hot water heating equipment shall not be visible from any road adjacent to the properties and are subject to standards adopted by the ARC.

  1.  Delivery and Construction Hours

No construction activities, other than work to be performed on the inside of a Residential Unit which is enclosed, nor delivery of construction materials shall be permitted between the hours of 7:00 P.M. and 7:00 A.M., or on Sundays or any legal holidays.

  1.  Community Association

SteepleChase will have a Community Association that will initially be run by the developer and transitioned to the owners within the development.  The association fees will determined based on the required maintenance costs and needs of the community. Dues will initially be $125 per month.